8 ways to get new ideas for Bitcoin blog posts

bitcoin ideas for blog

This post is here to help all of you who have a Bitcoin website. Whether you own a Bitcoin blog, a Bitcoin service or a Bitcoin product my guess is that you’re adding content regularly to your site (and if you aren’t, you should…).

The problem I usually face is “what can I write about?” Since 99Bitcoins gets updated twice a week this means I need to come up with 9 new blog posts every month! Luckily the web can give you a lot of ideas for what to write about if you just know where to look.

1. Ask your customers what would they like to know more about

This is by far the most effective to get new ideas for blog posts. If you’re collecting emails then ask your signups if there’s anything specific they are struggling with. In 99Bitcoins I ask for each new subscriber to introduce himself shortly and also ask questions if he has any. This gives me great insight into what are the most common questions that I can then blog about.

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